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Jackdaws Tutor Flora CurzonLondon based violinist Flora Curzon is best known for her musical versatility. Whilst she is firmly rooted in the Western Classical tradition, her horizons are broad: she is passionate about and well versed in many musical traditions from around the world and the role of improvisation in all music making.

Her unique combination musical interests and skills have sparked a fast growing and eclectic resumé of worldwide collaborations, performances and recordings, including work with many outstanding artists and ensembles: Sam Lee, Talvin Singh, The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Jocelyn Pook, London Sinfonietta, Dunajska Kapelye, She’koyekh, Khiyo and Hejira. She has her own folk duo – Fran and Flora, and has recently started playing with Holly Harman’s, The Twisted Twenty.

A keen teacher, Flora aims to pass on her love for all kinds of music in lessons and places equal weight on the development of her students’ all round musicianship and their violin technique. She enjoys nudging students on the classical path towards daring to improvise or to use their instruments in a different way, with the hope of opening up more opportunities for them in their music making.

Flora is a recent graduate of the Royal Academy of Music where she passed with a top distinction.

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Folk Fiddle, 11-13 May 2018
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