Inspiration, Access, Inclusion – these three principles underline every area of the work Jackdaws does, alongside our mission to enable creative expression by bringing music to life. Our community is a broad one which includes everyone in our local area, children and young people at maintained schools across the South West and musicians, professional and amateur, across the country. 

We offer a diverse range of opportunities and our Community projects and clubs are there to help inspire by giving access to musicians and experiences of the highest quality.



Our longest running community project is the Songbirds community choir which started in 1996. Meeting weekly in Frome, under the leadership of Caroline Radcliffe, the choir enjoy singing together whilst learning musicianship through the voice with the Kodaly method. They perform at events and shows several times a year.

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Jack’s Music Club

What better way to spend a Friday evening than making music with your friends? That’s exactly what we do at Jack’s Music Club for 10 – 17 year olds. Each week during term time, a different professional musician leads a session on their specialism, creating the opportunity for improvising and playing together.

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Piano Club

Piano Clubs are an institution among amateur musicians, so of course Jackdaws has one. Meeting twice a month to play among friends on the Jackdaws Steinway, the piano club have been a key part of our community for a long time.

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