Summer Production

A week long performance project for children aged 10 to 17 years

Creating the SetThe Summer Production is a fun, stimulating and exciting way for children aged 10 years and over to spend a week in the summer holidays discovering how to create a show from scratch.

Jackdaws Summer Production is open to all, with no experience required – just bring enthusiasm and energy!

Assisted by the production team, the group will create their show over the course of the week and perform it live to an audience on Friday 31 July.

The Production Team is led by Artistic Director Saffron, a designer Sarah, and composer Will, who will help the children to create an original production from concept to performance for an audience of family and friends.

Summer Production 2017The week begins with a choice of three stories, three composers and three design themes. The children must consider the options before voting for those they think will make the best combination of music, plot and staging… and then the work begins! Have a read of the 2015 Summer Production report.

Important Details:
The Summer Production takes place at Jackdaws, from 9.30am – 4.30pm each day.
Friday ends with the performance at 5pm.

The cost of the week is £80 per place (Some assisted places available – please contact us for details).

Email to register your interest

“I thought it was good- I thought because it was fun and quite unusual. Everyone was really happy and I was never bored” (RF aged 14)

“I didn’t think we would be able to do a show in the short time” (CN aged 15)

Summer Production 2017“I meant to contact you sooner to say thank you for such a wonderful week! The children were full of it to their grandparents (who I think were a bit bemused as to the likelihood of grandchildren liking opera!)
We thought that the show was brilliant, and it was great to see the mixture of ages performing together. Jamara’s solo was a highlight for me, and her mum was really amazed as well. Her twin brothers I have never seen so quiet, I think a huge testimony to the event that they were so involved.” Eliza and Stan’s Mum

“Thank you for a great week, culminating in a wonderful performance. Looking forward to next year.” Nick and Marisa Galley.

“I just couldn’t believe the sound they made in the opening number, they nailed it!” (Parent)

“I am grateful to have made new friends and spent a week making art and music” (Participant)

Previous Shows (Story / Music by… / Design inspired by…)
2020 Breaking News! The life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
2019 Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare / György Ligeti / Henri Matisse)
2018 Brother in the Land (Robert Swindells / Gustav Holst / Francis Bacon)
2017 Hamlet (Shakespeare / Mahler / David Carson)
2016 Romeo & Juliet (Shakespeare / Vivaldi / Teju Behan)
2015 Macbeth (Shakespeare / Mozart / Kiki Smith)
2014 Animal farm (George Orwell / Lutosławski / Gary Bunt)
2013 The Wild Swans (Hans Christian Andersen / Shostakovich / Antoni Gaudí)
2012 The Comedy of Errors (Shakespeare / Verdi / Street Art – Banksy)
2011 Midsummer Night Dream (Shakespeare / Messiaen / John Singer Sargent)
2010 The Tempest (Shakespeare / Benjamin Britten / Henri Rousseau)
2009 The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho / Handel / David Hockney)
2008 Alex in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll / Folk Music / Henri Matisse)
2007 The Merchant of Osaka (Merchant of Venice – Shakespeare / Beethoven / Katsushika Hokusai)

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