Piano Club

Piano Club has been postponed until June. In the meantime, join our online e-Piano Club

Jackdaws Studio in Great ElmFirst Friday of the Month, 10am – 12 noon
Next Meets;
Friday 5 June 2020
Friday 3 July 2020 – in Bechstein room

Friday 7 August 2020 – Bring a friend and a picnic lunch!
More details to follow…

A chance to meet informally with like-minded pianists, to play and share pieces you are currently practising. Bring along duets and trios to try out with other members, all on our Steinway Model B in the Lehane-Wishart Studio.

In line with Jackdaws values of Inspiration, Access, and Inclusion, Piano Club is an informal group, where pianists of all abilities come together and are welcome to play whole pieces, movements, or just sections of a piece still being learnt, to a supportive audience of friends.

Fee: £5 per session

All Pianists are welcome to attend. The group is informal, with no regular commitment required.

You can also Hire Jackdaws studio or practice rooms for your own rehearsals.

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