Weekend Timetable

Most weekend courses follow our standard timetable from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, shown below. Please check with your Course Leader for specific timings, which may differ slightly due to ensemble work or number of participants.


Supper: 6.30pm
Session 1: 8 – 9.30pm

Session 2: 10 – 11am
Coffee: 11 – 11.30
Session 3: 11:30 – 1pm
Lunch: 1 – 2pm
Session 4: 2 – 4pm
Tea: 4 – 4:30pm
Session 5: 4:30 – 6pm
Free Time: 6 – 6:30pm
Supper: 6:30 – 8pm

Session 6: 10-11am
Coffee: 11-11.30
Session 7: 11.30-1pm
Lunch: 1-2pm
Session 8: 2-4pm possible concert

Participants are welcome to use the sign-up sheets each day to book single slots for practice and rehearsal time in one of the several practice spaces available, with consideration for others.

During a course, Jackdaws will be open until each day from 9am and will close on Friday after the evening session, on Saturday after supper and 4:30pm on Sunday.

A standard weekend course will feature 11 hours of tuition across 8 sessions. On longer, three-day courses, the course start is on Thursday, then the two middle days follow the same timetable as Saturday shown above.

Please note that specific timings may vary depending on the course; some Course Leaders may adjust the timetable to best suit the focus and aims of their particular course. In these instances, we will endeavour to send the revised weekend timetable to attendees in advance of the start of the course.