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Remote Learning with Jackdaws

Remote Learning with Jackdaws

This is a time of great change for everyone, and the loss of routine and opportunity to engage with others creatively can be difficult to handle. We have adapted two of our projects to help people to access them remotely so you can still engage in creative activities.

Arts Award
Arts Award LogoCalling young people who have lost the routine of taking exams or may be missing their normal creative outlets – let Jackdaws support you to earn a qualification from quarantine! Arts Award is run by Trinity College, London which provides framework for young people to learn and develop their creativity and leadership skills; it is expressive, valuable, accessible for all and does not require any specialist skills.

Register for free and use the schemes of work to complete tasks in your own time. We will offer support and advice where we can. There is a fee of around £35 for the moderation process, run by Trinity College, to gain the final certification (this process is currently not available because of Covid-19 but there is no time limit on completing the award, so can be submitted when they are up and running again).

For more details, visit our Arts Award page

e-Piano Club
Our monthly Piano Club was a place where pianists of all abilities could come together, have coffee and play for each other in a relaxed environment. In place of this, we are starting an e-Piano Club online using Zoom.

Video conferencing will allow people from across the world to come together to play anything from a work in progress to a full piece. All you need is a tablet, smartphone or computer, and a piano. Details of the meeting will be sent out each week.

Visit our e-Piano Club webpage for more details.

Arts Award Supporter Organisation

Arts Award Supporter Organisation

Arts Award SupporterAs of October 2013, Jackdaws is an Arts Award Supporter organisation.

Arts Award is a qualification run by Trinity College, London which provides framework for young people to learn and develop their creativity and leadership skills. As a supporter of Arts Award, Jackdaws offers activities that young people can use to help them achieve their Arts Award, such as:

  • workshops, like our Gifted and Talented sessions or Jack’s Music Club
  • arts and cultural events which they can review – such as our concerts and performances
  • opportunities to find out about artists and cultural opportunities from our tutors and visiting musicians
  • a chance to share skills or lead arts projects during our various projects

If you are completing your Arts Award at the moment and want to know more about our activities and how we can help with your qualification – just get in contact, we’ll be happy to talk to you!

For more information about Arts Award visit their website.

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