Sight-reading, Memorisation and Piano Technique

Jackdaws Tutor Melanie SpanswickCourses in our new brochure have obviously been very well received – places are filling up rapidly.

Melanie Spanswick’s Sight-reading, Memorisation and Piano Technique looks to be the next course to sell out, joining favourites Graham Fitch and Ameral Gunson.

A regular writer for Pianist Magazine, Melanie has written an introduction to piano courses, such as those we have at Jackdaws, for the uninitiated.

There are courses to suit every level and budget. So whether you are serious about your piano playing, or perhaps just want to enjoy some concentrated time with a group of like-minded individuals working at a much-loved past time, here are five reasons why taking a course can be useful…

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Sight-reading, Memorisation and Piano Technique has just one place remaining
with Melanie Spanswick
23 – 25 October 2015
Price: £200
Level: All abilities welcome
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