Remote Observers at JackdawsWe are delighted to be able to make the most of the skills we have all acquired during this challenging time by offering remote observer places on most of our courses. (Not all of our courses are suitable and/or some course leaders would prefer not to have remote observer places). This is a new branch of our work and so we are developing it and things may change as time as goes on. To help manage everyone’s expectations and queries about these places we have put together some terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions of attending as a remote observer are as follows;

1. The recording function on Zoom will be disabled and by attending as a remote observer you are agreeing not to record any of the sessions on any device at any time.
2. Some participants may request for the camera and sound to be turned off during their sessions.
3. The course leader is under no obligation to include the remote observers directly, it is a purely observational. If a leader decides they have time to take some questions that is up to them, but it may not be the same arrangement on all courses.
4. Any poor behaviour by observers such as inappropriate comments or sharing the zoom link with people not registered to take part will result in permanent removal from the sessions.