Online Course Timetable

MetronomeThe timetable for our Jack”IN”Daws Online Courses has been carefully curated to give you the right balance between enough session time with the tutor without spending excessive time in front of your computer.

There will be a mix of practical group and masterclass sessions, and some social time to get to know your other participants, as well as opportunity for personal practise to put the new things you have learned to good use; the mute button is an amazing secret tool for this!

NB. The timetable may be amended by the tutor depending on how many participants are taking part.

Day 1
6 – 7pm – Group Session

Day 2
10-11am Group session
11 – 11:30 Break and/or coffee
12 – 1pm Masterclass session
1 – 2pm Lunch
2 – 2.30pm Group reconvene
2.30 – 3.30pm Masterclass session
3.30 – 4pm Break
4 – 4.30pm Group reconvene
4.30 – 6pm Masterclass session
6.30 – 7pm Group session

Day 3
10 – 11am Group session
11 – 11.30am Break
12 – 1pm Final session
1 – 2pm Lunch break
2 – 4pm Concert or sharing event