Expired Simple Gifts with Dinah Harris

  •  July 19, 2013 - July 21, 2013
     6:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Simple Gifts
Dinah Harris
Accompanist: Robert Aldwinckle
Course No. 3049
Level: Advanced
Fee: £190
Unfortunately we have had to cancel this course

The gift of singing is something we all share, whether a keen amateur or budding professional. But why is it the more we work at something sometimes the more complicated it can become? Renowned teacher and RCM Professor Dinah Harris believes in getting back to the simple basics of good air flow as promoted by the Accent method of teaching. Do you believe you have a problem area of the voice or perhaps there is one note that you view with dread when seen in a score? Dinah will help you begin to free the voice by using the simplest of gifts, breath.