Digging Deep UPDATE

Thank you to everyone who donated to our campaign!

On Wednesday May 1st,  May Day, 2024 work began to install a new water treatment plant at Jackdaws.

By Friday a 2.5m cubic sq hole had been dug, thankfully not hitting any major issues, and  ready to hold the new tank.

There was much excitement the following week when it arrived on the back of a truck and was lifted into place by a small crane.

Digging Deep
Sceptic Tank

Happily ensconced and connected up it is now providing an environmentally friendly and efficient management system for our waste.

All thanks to the support of our wonderful donors without whom we would not have been able to carry out this work without severely affecting our other output.

Can you help?

If you were considering making a donation it is not too late! We would still be very grateful as there is a continuing programme of upgrades to the site that we need to undertake and which we know you will enjoy the benefits of when you come to visit, alongside the new tank of course. These currently include work to the windows and external walls, repointing the rose garden wall, new carpet in the downstairs house studio and some internal decoration.

All and any help is welcome and greatly appreciated, thank you for your support!