Digging Deep for Jackdaws

We know it is a tough time for everyone at the moment, and Jackdaws is no exception.

Our running costs have increased a great deal and maintaining our activity, while it has never been easy, is an ongoing challenge.

A large, unexpected expenditure is a long way down the list of what we would like, but unfortunately this is what we have been presented with.

Our septic tank (the usual way waste is dealt with in a rural setting such as ours) needs replacing.

We have some emergency funds available but we need to raise another at least a further £10,000 to fully cover the costs of this work and for our other activity to remain unaffected.

If our supporters all give us £25 we will easily reach our target, which will be a benefit to everyone who comes to Jackdaws to sing, play or indeed spend a penny!

Can you help?

We will be digging deep, into our reserves and the ground for our new tank…would you be able to dig deep and put something towards our new system?

We know it isn’t a very glamorous or exciting appeal but it is pretty essential…
Any amount, no matter how small will help.

You can make a one-off donation to our Digging Deep appeal here DONATE NOW.

You could become a friend and make a regular monthly donation, which is a massive support to our overall sustainability.

Or perhaps you could help us plan for the longer term by becoming a Patron or considering a legacy.

All and any help is welcome and greatly appreciated, thank you for your support!