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Essential Covid-19 information – Our Covid Rules – What you need to know and do

  • If you are ill, live in an area with additional restrictions or have returned from abroad (from a country on the quarantine list) in the last 14 days DO NOT COME TO JACKDAWS but call us on 01373 812383.  We regret that if you are deemed extremely clinically vulnerable you should not visit Jackdaws.
  • Please arrive at Jackdaws between 6 and 6.30pm, dinner will be served at 6.30.
  • Please note in order for this course to go ahead it cannot be considered a social activity and as such social distancing must be adhered to at all times and there must be no mingling (close contact of less than 2m) at any time. This is a legal requirement so we are grateful for your help with this.
  • We will be taking temperatures of all visitors at the beginning of each day.
  • You must bring a face covering and wear one at all times whilst at Jackdaws except when eating/drinking or singing, unless you have a formal exemption. We will also require you to wear

    Jackdaws is AA Covid Confident

    your face covering when playing the pianos.

  • Please wash hands/ use sanitiser every time you arrive at Jackdaws and wash hands/use sanitiser frequently throughout the day and whenever you use an instrument.
  • The timetable is changed with the Saturday evening sessions moved to the afternoon. Jackdaws will close after supper on Saturday.
  • You will be allocated a table and chair in the studio for your use throughout the weekend. Please use the same table and chair for all meals and sessions. These may not be moved.
  • Meals will be presented complete on a tray and collected from the dining room to be eaten in the studio. When collecting your meal please maintain social distance by taking it in turns to enter the dining room using the relevant door for exit and entrance. After your meal please leave your meal on the table to be collected.
  • You can collect tea and coffee at break times and return to your table or remain outside, but please do not compromise social distancing by gathering in groups.
  • There will be no wine available. You are welcome to bring your own but must keep it with you, we are unable to store or refrigerate.
  • Please bring a music stand if you are likely to need to use one.
  • Please do ensure you bring warm clothing or an extra blanket/fleece as the studio windows will be open.
  • Please remember social distancing at all times, enter and exit the studio in turn through the relevant door and avoid crowding when collecting meals etc.

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