COVID Secure - Jackdaws

Our aim at Jackdaws in these changing times is to mitigate risk where possible. As part of our commitment to the safety and well-being of our staff, colleagues and participants, we will work under operating guidelines in compliance with whatever current UK Government recommendations are at the time. Social distancing and the additional health and safety requirements may have a material impact on you and how our courses operate if they are required.

Please take some time to read the following information.

We are able to run our courses with some risk mitigation in place.

There is no need to check in via track and trace or do a lateral flow test anymore. If you do test positive or have symptoms please do not travel to us, we will arrange for you to transfer to another course or give you a credit note.

Risk Assessment

We have completed a government mandated Risk Assessment, produced in line with the specific government guidance, which follows the UK Government’s steps to operating safely.

This is relevant only when restrictions are in place.

Please note that this is an ever-evolving document, as government guidelines and operating experience influence our approach.

Jackdaws Covid-19 Risk Assessment

We have been awarded AA Covid Confident Accreditation

What you need to know before coming to Jackdaws

Our policies are under continuous review and are subject to change as we monitor the situation and the guidance from health and government authorities is updated.

To prepare for your visit please read our guidelines for visitors coming to Jackdaws below.




What we are doing to ensure that you can safely attend and enjoy your course at Jackdaws

How will the courses happen?

Courses will take place in our large, well ventilated studio. Practice rooms and the dining area are also available.

Supper: 6.30pm
Session 1: 8-9.30pm

Session 2: 10-11am
Coffee: 11-11.30
Session 3: 11.30-1pm
Lunch: 1-2.30pm
Session 4: 2.30-4pm
Tea:  4-4.30pm
Session 5: 4.30-6pm
Dinner: 6.30-8pm

Session 6: 10-11am
Coffee: 11-11.30
Session 7: 11.30-1pm
Lunch: 1-2pm
Session 8: 2-4pm possible concert (course specific)

Should I take a lateral flow test before coming to Jackdaws?

No, this is no longer required. If you do test positive or have symptoms please do not travel to us, we will arrange for you to transfer to another course or give you a credit note.

How will you ensure piano and other equipment hygiene?

Pianists should please wash/sanitise hands carefully before and after playing each time. Sanitiser gel will be available in each room.

You can choose to stay in the same chair and there is plenty of space to spread out in the studio.

What is the general cleaning/hygiene regime?

Sanitiser gel will be available in all rooms. There will be a deep clean on the day prior to the courses.

What will happen about my Accommodation or B&B booking?

Accommodation will be arranged in  B&B’s and some Jackdaws Host rooms are also available now. You can also choose to book your own.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

If you would prefer to then please do, there is no requirement to. If people choose to wear a mask we ask for everyone to accept this without comment. There are many reasons people may or may not wish to.

Please bring a face covering with you and any additional PPE and hand sanitiser that you feel you need (for example, if you have any skin allergies or as extra personal protection).

What’s going to happen at meal times?

Dining takes place at shared tables in the dining room or in the garden if the weather is suitable.

If social distancing is advised again, meals would not be served at communal tables, but would be served individually on a tray; to be eaten at your table in the studio, or in the garden.

Breakfast is not provided at Jackdaws.

What’s going to happen at break times?

There will be tea, coffee and cakes as available.

Will wine be available?

Wine is now available for a donation.

What happens if the alert level has been raised and there is a local lockdown or increased restrictions that mean the course cannot happen at Jackdaws?

In the event that this course is unable to take place in person as advertised because of Covid restrictions nationally or locally, we aim, where feasible, to provide alternative provision/rescheduled dates. We will keep you informed of any changes and you will also have the option to withdraw your place and receive a full refund, or transfer it to another course within the same season. If it is not possible/feasible to do either of these then the course may be cancelled, as may also happen if there are not enough people to make it viable.

If enhanced local Covid restrictions are imposed on the area you will be travelling from, or if you will return from a country on the Government’s red/amber list within 10 days of your course start date, then please let us know as soon as possible and do not travel to Jackdaws. In the case of local restrictions preventing travel, we will arrange a transfer of your fee to another course or a refund as applicable.

I feel unwell prior to my visit.  What should I do?

Prior to your stay with us, should you test positive or develop symptoms of COVID-19, please do not travel to Jackdaws. You will be able to transfer your fee to another course or receive a credit note valid for a year.

I feel unwell during my stay.  What should I do?

Should you feel unwell or develop symptoms of COVID-19 during your stay, you should self-isolate in your bedroom and notify the house manager on 01373 812772 and call 111 for advice.

My course is taking place as planned because it is considered safe to do so, but I do not want to attend because of COVID-19. What will happen to my payment?

If you decide not to attend due to COVID-19, we may transfer your payment to a future course free of charge or issue a credit note to be used within one year if appropriate to do so.

The best way to support Jackdaws, our staff and musicians going forward is to book on a course, and enjoy the benefits of a wonderful Jackdaws experience.

If you have any questions or we can help you at all please do email us at