Jackdaws Big Sing returns!

Jackdaws Big SingThis Wednesday (26 March) sees the return of the Jackdaws Big Sing at St John’s Church, Frome, 10am. Big Sing is a collaborative performance from pupils at school in Frome under the direction of Caroline Radcliffe, at the culmination of the Twilight Sessions series run by Jackdaws.

The children will be performing a selection of world music songs, selected for their ability to engage children with varied actions and develop their musical skills with easy to learn parts, layered to create interesting and continually varied textures.

During the Twilight Sesssions, Caroline works with school teachers to establish a plan for encouraging the use of singing in the classroom. A follow up school visit sees Caroline work with the teachers and children in the school setting to ensure they are working in a way which is as beneficial, inclusive and fun as possible.

The Big Sing is the final event in the Twilight programme and will feature the massed choirs of children from Mells, Nunney, St Louis and Leigh on Mendip schools singing together. This is not a performance as we might usually expect, as the children will not be singing ‘out’ towards the audience. Instead, they will be singing ‘inwards’ towards each other with the focus not on providing a spectacle for observers but on ensuring that the children work well as a team to create music in what might be their first such event. Parents of participating children are welcome to attend.

The news report from last year’s successful Big Sing can be read in our News Archive.