Kenneth van Barthold

Jackdaws Tutor Kenneth van Barthold, by Clive Barda

Jackdaws Tutor Kenneth van Barthold, by Clive Barda

We are very sorry to announce that we have heard news of Kenneth’s passing in February 2016. Read his obituary here.

Apart from his performances on the modern piano of a very wide-ranging repertoire ranging from living composers back to the baroque, Kenneth van Barthold is well known for playing period pianos. He has recorded on the oldest piano in working order, a Cristofori in the Leipzig Museum, and his film for BBC television on the history of the piano is in the archives of both the Smithsonian Institute, USA and of the Steinway Piano Company. He has played with many orchestras including the London Symphony Orchestra, English Chamber Orchestra, British Concert Orchestra, Bournemouth Orchestra, Polyphonia Orchestra, the London Classical Players etc.

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