Ann Hetherington

Ann HetheringtonAnn Hetherington went to the Royal College of Music in 1970, as a singer and pianist. Almost immediately she was sent to Marjory Barlow (Alexander’s niece) for Alexander lessons. She joined Marjory’s training course 3 years later and qualified as a teacher in 1976. She subsequently taught the AT one to one for the next thirty years. In 1978 she married bass baritone Charles Hetherington and soon they left London and made a life for themselves in Wiltshire. Music has always been central to their lives and the lives of their four children. Ann took up the cello 27 years ago and has, mostly through the family, been at close quarters to the learning of practically every kind of musical instrument. The two daughters have given a concert in which 11 instruments featured between them! Ann has taught piano and cello for the young and had a special interest in introducing new skills in such a way as to prevent there being stress in the mind that converts into muscular tension. Ann has given taster days on the AT for county peripatetic music teachers and also at a music conference for the blind. She has been a resident AT teacher on a music camp.

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A Kinesthetic Approach to Performing, 29 November 2015
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