As a charity, Jackdaws is heavily reliant on donations from individuals and organisations who believe in our vital work. Every year our work helps to inspire thousands of children and young people into creative expression by bringing accessible and inclusive music projects to them. This is a huge task and we need your help. There are many ways you can help us.
Jackdaws: Bringing Music to LifeRecent Fundraisers for Jackdaws have been in the form of Concerts and Sponsored Sporting events.
If you are interested in putting on an event to raise money or donating money to Jackdaws raised from an event then please contact Kate – – and ask how we can help you make your fundraising event a success.
You can also support Jackdaws by donating to our 20Jackdaws Campaign or attending one of our residential music courses.
For help with your fundraiser for Jackdaws contact Kate –
Jackdaws Music Education Trust is Registered Charity No 1037073